In 1185, the Minamoto family took control over Japan after defeating the Taira clan in the Gempei war. Minamoto Yoritomo was appointed shogun in the year 1192 and established a new government, the Kamakura Bakufu. The new feudal government simplified the previously adopted Chinese system and worked much more efficiently for the Japanese. 

Sitting in the lotus pose in an outside garden, the serene 120-ton bronze image of the great Buddha seems to be meditating on all that was, is, or will be ..........

My wife Diana, Tatiana and Juan Ramón, my kids, pose happily amazed.

It was a day off for school children. Otherwise they would be seen in their impeccable uniforms. My daughter Tatiana practiced her just-learned few japanese phrases with them; rapport was immediate and they really got a thrill from her efforts.

But, as soon as the girls saw me taking a picture, respectfully began to rise. It was useless that I tried to make them sit again. They politely expressed their wish to have me concentrate on my "so charming daughter" on our "so special trip, from so far away".

There I am, on the ground (left) looking for a different perspective to photograph my wife by a gorgeous iron ornament, a huge incense burner I believe. My second FE2 body is visible. My son could not resist the taking of this shot with his Nikon N2020.

The japanese visitors to the shrine could not hide a polite smile. Apparently they had never seen a 'gaigin' (outsider) show this much interest and at the same time with so great disregard for composure.