F5 If you are not afraid to fall in love forever with the Nikon F5, take a good look below.

As soon as you take this camera in your hands, you immediately understand what true ergonomics means.

Plus, the exquisite simplicity of use makes it fool proof!

One has no choice but to own at least one of these bodies. 

Besides, despite all of the new features  -like its RGB Matrix Meter-  it weights just about the same as the F4s or F4e.

F5 top
1   LCD top panel
2   Film plane indicator
3   Film advance/self-timer selector
4   Film rewind knob
5   Film rewind crack
6   Power switch lock release
7   Illuminator switch LCD panel
8   Shutter release button
9   Multiple exposure button
10   Camera back lock release
11   Film advance lock release
F5 left side F5 front F5 right side
1   Camera strap eyelet
2   Accessory hot shoe
3   Battery holder release knob
4   Battery holder
1   Exposure compensation button
2   Exposure mode button
3   AF area mode button
4   Sync terminal
5   Self-timer indicator LED
6   Sub-command dial
7   Depth of field preview button
8   Mirror lockup lever
9   Focus mode selector
10   Lens release button
1   Diopter adjustment knob
2   Metering system selector
3   Camera strap eyelet
4   Lock lever for vertical-shooting shutter release button
5   Vertical shooting shutter release button
1   Film rewind lever
2   Film rewind lever lock release
3   Alert LED
4   Finder release button
5   Eyepiece shutter lever
6   Viewfinder eyepiece
7   Auto Exposure/Auto Focus lock
8   AF start button 
F5 back
9   Main command dial
10   Film confirmation window
11   Rear control panel cover
12   Rear LCD panel
13   Focus area selector
14   AF start button (for vertical)
15   10 pin remote terminal
16   Film rewind knob
Viewfinder's titanium top cover

F5 chassis

F5 bottom

is a registered trademark of 

Nikon Corporation

Aluminum alloy chassis and top shoulders 
1   Tripod, monopod or plate socket
Images courtesy and copyright of Nikon Corp.