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Brief Love Story
by J. Ramón Palacios

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Her ...

I then had the gift of ubiquity that only youth grants. The exercise of my profession, although very enjoyable but absorbing, allowed me nevertheless to pursue a masters degree, being an auxiliary policeman (actually a shooting instructor), advisor on public safety for the state police, co-editor of the cultural supplement of the then best regional newspaper and a very serious amateur photographer that illustrated with his pictures his own articles.
at our son's graduation from college
Her ...
Today I cannot explain how, but I managed to work and to shoot, develop and print the photographs my friends needed for their things: a passport, a wedding, a reunion, the back cover of a book, the posters for their exhibits or theater representations.

And so, one good day of my life an enchantress of a child appeared, full of joy and talents, know-it-all, smart-alecky and also tireless, who decided she would marry me as soon as she saw me -and from a distance.

With a recent degree in Interiors Design, she was studying Literature and Philosophy, Dance, Music, Arts and Drama, and participated both at the University and the professional theaters. 

her ...
She needed some pictures to promote the opening of a piece by Ionesco where she acted in the main role -of course!  I was the obvious candidate for the task, almost never charged any more and did it fast and acceptably well.

After less than two months of concurring to paintings exhibits, the theater and shows of european art cinema, we became sweethearts for 12 hours, engaged fiancées for 18 days and have been happily married for more than 30 years.

her ...

Later I learned that she collected my articles of the cultural supplement, illustrated with my pictures, and she admits having fallen in love with my prose and my images, without knowing me.
She imagined me of mature adult age, intellectual, tall, with an elegant mustache, very serious and formal. For my good fortune, although she was wrong on everything of the above, she decided to be the admirable mother of our children.

All of this I mention, not only because the memory is pleasant, but because it could be indicative of the enduring lasting effects of a well done photographic job.

To photography, which my father taught me to love and respect, and to a good friend, I owe having met her.

To my luck I owe that she loved me and that I have not lost the ability to amuse her and surprise her, at least for well over 30 years.

To my loyal Exaktas and to an extraordinary 100mm Ennalyt I owe these images of her from that memorable time.

at our first honeymoon

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