Brief Love Story
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Brief Love Story
by J. Ramón Palacios

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And so it began
  Medium format
  35mm SLR
  The Exaktas
The first Nikons
» The kids
and the Exaktas
The Nikkormats
  The FE2
  Into the land of Nikon
  The MD-12s
  Upgrading ...
The F4s and beyond
An endless
love story ...
Adventures in the Sierra Madre

The kids and the Exaktas  ...

Unjustly to the Exa, its toyish appearance and its reduced shutter speed made her to be left in the closet more and more frequently. The new films offered better grain; there was no need to hold one's breath and shoot at low speed. It had been a long while that she was only used at 1/150 of a second, it's top shutter speed which practically prevented me from using lenses of over 135mm of focal length without a tripod.
Exa Ia
The Exa Ia - Ihagee - Dresden, Germany
Occasionally I took her out just to see her, caress her and to remember the moments whose pictures she let me capture. I actioned her shutter at all speeds and focus with all of her lenses at real and at imaginary subjects.

Because of that it is possible she did not die of sadness; she knew I had loved her very dearly. On every occasion I took her out, she functioned as the first day out of the box.

After the Exa, my Exaktas were the ones capturing myriads of images and emotions: our honey moon, our double passing through the Ivy League, the birth of our children, their infancy and puberty. 

Although I only used the exposure meter under difficult light conditions, the Gossen House was always present, along with the Ihagee House and the House of Zeiss, in my heavy gadget bag for our numerous trips.

Exakta Varex IIa

Monterrey, Saltillo, Philadelphia, Puebla, México City, Querétaro, San Miguel Allende, Washington, New York, the Pocono mountains, San Diego, Quantico, Bethesda, Atlanta, Langley, San Diego, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, San Juan de Puerto Rico, intermediate towns and many others, provided scenarios for the family pictures.

Below, from my darkroom, my daughter Tatiana in her protection and play pen, when she was 8 months old in Philadelphia (lucky handheld shot under available light, probably at f/4, 1/15 sec on Tri-X) and my son Juan Ramón, smiling at his mother under a window's light at three months of age in Monterrey, Mexico.
Tatiana JR

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