Brief Love Story
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Brief Love Story
by J. Ramón Palacios

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And so it began
  Medium format
  35mm SLR
  The Exaktas
The first Nikons
The kids
and the Exaktas
The Nikkormats
» The FE2
  Into the land of Nikon
  The MD-12s
  Upgrading ...
The F4s and beyond
An endless
love story ...
Adventures in the Sierra Madre

The FE2 ...

Life was full of pheromones, triumphs, joys and prosperity.

It was relatively simple to graduate from the Nikkormats into a brand new just released Nikon FE2 black body and one of the first Nikkor zoom lenses; with a variable focal length from 43 to 86mm the arsenal of lenses was much more complete.
Nikon FE2
Nikon FE2 - Nippon Kogaku K. K. - 1983, Tokyo, Japan
Nevertheless and curiously, my photos were for a time more precise but less and less artistic.

The integrated exposure meter eliminated the need to think and compose in terms of the light. 

I had to relearn and it was not an easy toil.

Rolls and more rolls of failed attempts. And everybody liked my pictures very much. That was the worst part.  No one understood that I was desperately attempting something beyond the casual snapshot. It seemed as if I was talking in ancient Aramean.

So, I revisited with my wife and kids those convents and museums of my childhood, my puberty and my tormenting adolescence. 

They filled them with their laughter and songs, away they scared the phantoms and I understood light again.

Tatiana and JR, very young
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