Adventures in the Sierra Madre
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Adventures in the Sierra Madre
by J. Ramón Palacios

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Las Ventanas
» Hunter
  The memory

'Hunter' ...

My son was the happy owner of one the most noble horses we ever had or known; arrived a good day from Zacatecas and we acquired it immediately. With hoofs of steel, energy to equal that of his rider, full of brio, indefatigable and at the same time very careful of his master. 
JR on Hunter
"Cazador" ('Hunter') was his name, lively dark chestnut, almost black.  In these old pictures it looks reddish, but it is desert dirt; during his extended stay at this valley he seldom accepted the touch of a brush.

The valley has a single entrance; it could very well be defended with a single Winchester .30-.30


"Las Ventanas" ('The Windows') are the mouths of old mines from the time of the conquest, in desperate and maybe useless search for sulfur to make powder for the muskets, over 400 years before. It's walls are full of diminutive marine prehistoric fossils, to make us remember that this was the bottom of a sea, sometime, a few million years ago.


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