Adventures in the Sierra Madre
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Adventures in the Sierra Madre
by J. Ramón Palacios

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Las Ventanas
» The memory

The memory ...

In this almost moonlike landscape, we had for at least a good couple of years, a consecutive weekend routine of canter, walk, trot and gallop, the whole entire day.

We just stopped to eat whatever we brought with us in the saddle bags, under one of the three trees that were in this vastness and we chatted long and extended.

We laughed a lot and I congratulated myself for having had the fortune of being the father of this centaur and infallible shooter, with self-evident genetic memory, hereditary, that of his warrior paternal greatgrandparents.

These badly printed small pictures -now yellowish and loosing detail- were taken with a faithful Nikkormat and a Exakta Varex IIa; the negatives must be somewhere around the house, as soon as I find them, they will get reprinted.

Sadly, the many slides taken there were lost forever in a hurricane flood.


In any event, there is the memory -made so much easier through photography- of the echo of the resounding hoofs of our horses, the shooting practice sessions, the amenable chats and the profuse sweating of one of our many happy times, within my lengthy learning process of the difficult profession of father.

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