Brief Love Story
Tatiana's Olympus
Tatiana. Backlight.
I took the picture above of my daughter Tatiana, with my Nikon F4s and a 35-135mm Nikkor zoom lens, while we were shooting humpback whales at the Marietta Islands sanctuary, near Puerto Vallarta.

She had in hand her Olympus LT Zoom 105 QD, nice little convenient compact 35mm Point & Shoot camera that has become her constant companion.

Olympus LT
I made a thorough research on Point & Shoot cameras to answer a question posted at a photography forum. When I just started to comment on my conclusions, she produced the camera from her purse. Nice feeling to know we can reach the same.

With a 38-105mm f/4.5-8.9 zoom lens, the LT works best with ISO 400 film. It has Auto Focus from 2 feet to infinity, Auto Flash, Fill Flash, Flash Off, Slow Sync, Red-eye reduction, 3-zone or spot metering, weather resistant and a stylish old look in a self contained leatherette burgundy case, with a metallic folding lens cover, plus date imprinting.

Sweet that she is, makes me always feel I am her favorite subject. 

This picture was taken at Puerto Vallarta on Kodak Max 400 in the early morning of January 1st, 2000. The camera is so good that it is barely noticeable (I hope) that we were dancing from the night before until 6:30 am.

Her kind mother did the same with her Kwanon Elph. Sorry to report that the superiority of the 35mm P&S over the APS became very evident.

JRP by Tatiana
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